Cashmere Care

Welcome to Cashmere Kala! 

Our luxurious cashmere products are made from 100% natural fibers, which gives them their incredibly soft and delicate texture. However, this also means that they require special care when it comes to cleaning and storage to maintain their quality and longevity. Here are some guidelines to help you properly care for your cashmere items. 

Cleaning Cashmere: 

Dry cleaning is the preferred method for cleaning cashmere products. If you choose to hand-wash at home, follow these steps:

Fill a container with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent or shampoo.

Mix the detergent/shampoo until lathers form.

Gently squeeze your cashmere item in the lathered water for two minutes. Avoid twisting or rubbing.

Rinse the cashmere with fresh water, using a squeezing motion until completely clean.

Gently squeeze out excess water.

Lay the item flat on a dry towel and gently dab with another towel or paper towel to absorb moisture. Flip to dry both sides.

Do not use a dryer or expose the item to direct sunlight for drying.

Storing Cashmere:

After your cashmere item has thoroughly dried, neatly fold it and place it in the bag that came with your order. Store the bag in a cool and dry location. Avoid hanging the product, as this can cause stretching.

Ironing Cashmere:

If you need to iron your cashmere, always use low heat and steam.

Preventing Pilling:

Pilling is a natural occurrence in cashmere, but you can minimize it with proper care. Dry cleaning or hand-washing as described above can help reduce pilling. Handle your cashmere gently to avoid breaking the fibers, which can cause pilling. If pilling does occur, simply pluck the small balls using a cashmere comb. A complementary cashmere comb will be included with every order. 

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the luxurious feel and exceptional quality of your cashmere products for years to come. 

Thank you for choosing Cashmere Kala!